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Tim Korklewski

Host / Warlord

As host of the Skirmish Supremacy Podcast, Tim brings years of experience from various gaming formats to the show. Tim started off gaming with Dungeons and Dragons back in middle school and from that experience was born a monster, hungrily consuming all forms of gaming from that point forward. Always a glutton for punishment, Tim got involved in Wargaming and the wonderful world of terrain building and painting toy soldiers (he still sucks at both).

Tim has taken that experience and now works full-time in the gaming industry, living his dream of being a mid-30s man-child. Being a man-child has its perks, however and he has met and collaborated (some would say got in the way of) with many different authors, game designers, sculptors, and fans from various forms of gaming media. He is a fairly open book and the only mystery to him is how he has managed to stay married as long as he has.

Nick Bogart

Co-Host / Warlord

Without the years of experience of being a corporate sellout and black hearted hobby thug Nick instead brings the fresh perspective of the average hobbyist.  He has a massive love for gaming and all aspects of gaming.  Talking with developers, sculptors, painter, rules writers, and other creatives in the field help to bring an amazing appreciation to the wargaming hobby.

Nick is also host of Weekend Gameover, a SSP spin-off focused mostly on the games he is currently playing.  He is also in the development stages of Nicky B Hobbying a vlog that is going to keep track of what projects he is working on and what stage they are at.  He will also be contributing to the blog with reviews, views, and tutorials as time permits.

Robin Horton

Writer / Skald

Robin has been interpreting obscure meanings from small polyhedral objects since somewhere around 1995 or 96. He has a passion for many games, his favorites probably being AT-43, Confrontation, and Hell Dorado. Something about out of print games from French companies apparently does it for him. His most common activity with gaming is reading rulebooks, forgetting what he read, then trying the game two years after the fact. His favorite activity is watching others play and heckling while occasionally providing some rule details.


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