What is Bird’s Eye Review?

I just wanted to take a quick moment and introduce a series I’ve been plotting for a while. I’m calling it “Bird’s Eye Review”. Because, ya know, bird jokes. When you share the name with a local bit of fauna, you tend to get inundated with some bad jokes and puns. Doesn’t help that some specific English folklore and comic book characters also share that name. (I swear, if the Batmobile looses a wheel one more g-d time.)

The idea of this series is to give a quick overview or impression of a game. A longer distance look when compared to an in-depth, page-by-page, kind of approach. I think the best approach is to present some of game’s content that you don’t get to read about in the publisher’s blurb, and let you go from there. Make sense?

I’ll be releasing these about new games and old games. Even games that Tim dislikes. I’m hoping this can turn into a catalog of systems that folks can refer to over time to remind themselves of an old system, find something new, or just grow their awareness with.

As always, I’m interested in feedback throughout the series. If you ever want to make some commentary, feel free to do so. The best place, as always, for these discussions is on the Skirmish Supremacy Street Team Facebook Group.

And without further rambling, you can find the first in the series here.