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A fresh new look

After nearly two years of just ignoring the bastard I have finally started the process of updating the website.  We are going to be having a lot more content showing up in the near future and some of it will be best dealt with right here on the site.

Well that and I want Robin to start doing his reviews and blogging thing and it just isn’t possible if he doesn’t have access to a functional website.  So look for those things coming up.  Additionally I will be blogging somethings as well as reviving Weekend Gameover and possibly starting a vlog, Nicky B Hobbying which also ties into my commission painting page Nicky B Hobbying.

If you listen to Episode 84 Hobby Banter you will hear some about everything we are doing.  Right now it seems life is sort of settling down for the SSP crew and we are looking to ride that into producing more stuff for you, our fans.  Battle Reports, more shows, reviews, video content, etc.

Feel free to leave us feedback and let us know what you want to see and/or hear from us.



On iTunes

Just a quick update to let you know we have gotten the word and we are now available for subscribing to via iTunes!  YAY!

Next episode is Friday and we are going to have a couple of people on the show as guests!



– Nick

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