Grabblecast terrain review

Warlord Nick does a review of resin terrain company Grabblecast.A couple months ago I noticed a new Instagram name liking different photos of ours. Stalking them back I found a plethora of awesome terrain pieces on their profile. Then I found the link to their eBay store. I fell in love.

I have been playing some RelicBlade with my son. In the Seeker’s Handbook for RelicBlade it talks about the Fey Forest. With this in mind and finding these mushrooms and the stones that are part of the alter set I was sold.

I placed my order and proceeded to anxiously checked the mail every day. Because everyone should have me stuff as fast as Amazon Prime right?

Shipping was pretty fast. I forget how fast but probably a week or two. I eagerly opened the package and I was supposed to be going to bed early that night and was resolved to get other thing done before bed.

Instead I glued mushroom caps on and then put the mushrooms on bases. As you can see I staged them for a photo shoot unpainted and I also kicked off a FB Live video. You can see that on the SSP Facebook Page.

These are great. With a few different sizes for the mushrooms you have a lot of various heights and shapes. They take up enough space to fill out the board but they also don’t consume the entirety of the board making it feel cluttered.

The are well balanced and have very little that needs to be cleaned. Some can be a little top heavy but nothing terrible with a base or even a washer. Even the big ones almost perfectly fit on a 25mm (roughly) base. I will be using some magnets to make the remove able from large terrain footprints for gaming with.

Painting them was fun and I used a lot of different colors for the caps of the mushrooms. The rest I was almost boring with painting.

Tree stumps and even a tree that you positioned the branches on. They are extremely detailed and very clean. That is one thing I noticed through all of these. For being resin terrain there wasn’t much with them to clean.

The only downsides… you might need to pin the mushroom caps but I found after 24 hours that the glue set and was a lot sturdier. Also that they are small and aren’t as fast to put new stuff out. Not actually a terrible thing as it gives me time to get the last bits painted up.

My opinions of this terrain is that it is really great quality. I like how well it went together, the details of it and the ease of painting it. I am looking forward to seeing what else they come out with in the future.

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