RelicBlade Expansion announced – Volgelands

Sean Sutter announced that the next update for RelicBlade from Metal King Studio is The Volgelands Adventure Campaign setting. This will be going to Kickstarter November 23rd, 2018. Hopefully in there we will see not just a new campaign book but an addition to the factions that are currently available. Some of the factions could be inferred from the art to the the Battle Pigs (a personal favorite), the Lone Guard, and The Bone and Darkness factions. We might also see an expansion of Temple of Justice as they have recently been formalized as an additional faction and the Knight is included in the art as well.

We will be sitting down and chatting with Sean for our podcast so look for that upcoming episode soon.



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Just a quick update to let you know we have gotten the word and we are now available for subscribing to via iTunes!  YAY!

Next episode is Friday and we are going to have a couple of people on the show as guests!



– Nick